Cadillac vehicles have been a fixture in the culture for decades. And now, the American automobile manufacturer is reciprocating that love by celebrating Black excellence and innovation in a new 3-part video series called Driven By Class.

In celebration of Black Music Month, Cadillac highlights the grind of Andre Power, co-founder and creative director of the artist collective Soulection, as the photographer and DJ spend a day in New York City scouting new locations for his global event, Link Up.

From Uptown to Brooklyn, Power begins his search in Harlem (camera in tow) with his last destination being in DUMBO for a jam session. Along the way, he connects with some good people—including a park rep at a historic music venue, a talented street performer, a renowned composer/pianist, and other local musicians.

Driving around in a spacious Cadillac Escalade, Power notes that the whip’s sound system is a great way to experience music. “At that moment the music matters so much because you’re just on this journey,” Power says. There’s really nothing like driving and zoning out to some music for your soul in a city with deep roots in Black music culture.

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Client: Cadillac
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