Alternate Ending is a collective of storytellers that was birthed in New York City’s SOHO neighborhood. Whether we’re filming in our backyard or around the globe we believe that all content, branded or otherwise, needs to be worthy – needs to be able to stand alone and engage. That’s why we call ourselves “storytellers”: it’s about the story first and everything else later.



  • What We Do

    Alternate Ending has a comprehensive approach to video production. We develop and produce brand film strategies, creative concepts, short-form scripted narratives, episodics, short and long-form documentaries, and commercials. Depending upon your needs, you can come to us for creative strategy – for a concept, script, or treatment – for production – for the final edit – or for the entire process. We are adept at working as part of a team with other creatives and other agency partners.

  • Define & Strategize

    Alternate Ending helps our clients develop a roadmap that will make it perfectly clear why, when, and how to use video/film content to accomplish campaign and/or business goals. We can help clients create this strategy from scratch or we can help thoughtfully integrate our content into their current marketing, branding, PR, fundraising, or advertising strategies for the greatest impact.

  • Creative

    Alternate Ending collaborates with a wide range of creative talents to develop concepts that are not just memorable, but also effective and anchored in an overarching strategy. The quality of our portfolio is a result of our creative concept development and production.

  • Production

    A great concept needs top-notch execution. As a collective, Alternate Ending is able to specifically curate a team for each client and project – pulling together exactly the right expertise for the brand/idea/tone. We can quickly and easily scale up or down as needed to get the best content to fit within budget goals.

    Our expertise in directing and production enables us to transform inspired creative concepts into powerful content. We pay attention to every detail along the way — and there are quite a lot of details. Still, we make the filmmaking and edit process as simple and stress-free as possible for our clients. Our goal is to always make the story of creating the story as enjoyable as the final film.

  • Post Production

    Dark rooms, long hours, creative meetings, and deadlines — we know the drill. Alternate Ending understands that the edit is integral to the creative, and love to involve our editors as early in the process as possible. Our editors can help you brainstorm ideas and provide valuable technical advice that will ensure success in the editing suite.

    Along with sound design, color correction, and VO talent, our extended collective also includes animators, VFX, and GFX artists.

  • Distribution & Analytics

    The most innovative digital content is created with a deep understanding of the platform that it’s going to live on. If a client isn’t sure where their content should live, or how to get it there, we have the strategic capabilities and relationships to help.

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